We are taught as men to wear very tight underwear and jeans or pants that hide our cock and bollocks. A study conducted by *Dr Rima Dada has revealed that the sperm count of a normal adult male in India, which used to be 60 million per ml around 30 years ago, has plunged to a third of that count — to around 20 million per ml. And this relatively swift decline in sperm count is being linked to habits which expose the scrotum to higher-than-normal temperatures. The 10-year-long study, questioned 1,000 men from north India and found that lifestyle factors like tight clothing, pesticide exposure due to intensive gardening or farming as well as increased obesity rates were major causes for decreasing sperm count. Stress is another factor that lowers the sperm count, she said.


Commenting on the research, self appointed sex guru, Seb Cox said, “I encourage all men to put on a nice fat cock ring, some light orange colour shorts or grey jogging pants and go for a good walk, dangling their bulge ap and down their local High Street, with a great sense of pride. That’s not just good for their sperm count, it’s good for their souls”.

5 thoughts on “Let Your Cock Breathe

  1. I free ball regularly as well as sleep naked. I can’t imagine living any other way. The boys need to breathe! 🙂

  2. The cock ring is to be avoided, since wearing one too long can damage your penis. That said, freeball, wear light material, go naked when you can.

  3. When I’m at home, I’m mostly naked. (Also, never wear clothes to sleep. That’s how bedbugs are spread.)

  4. Oh yes. You are a poet Mr Cox. A good outing in grey sweats banging around in the cold winter air sans undies feeballing is the most healthy thing. Cock needs air and the sacred nutttttts of scrotum need a package of free air to circulate and bring joy to swinging Dong – the whole package needs to breathe and be free……. “free Willy” I cry with ardent fervour.
    Free that sack
    Free that Dong
    Swing low, sweet chariot, Cumming fore to carry me home.
    Let that DONG freeeeeee. Let air circulate and nutts hang in the sack God made for them.
    And let that cock be loved and stroked and sucked and licked – coz cock is delightful – enjoy ….

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