Your wife is right. It is possible for a man to masturbate so much for so long that it lowers his sperm count, and it sounds like you’ve been going for the record. Generally the testicles (and the prostate gland furnishing most of the spunk in semen) will recharge themselves, but give em a break once in a while! Also, a man can really degrade the quality of his seed by wearing the “tighty-whitey” type of underwear (briefs) on into adulthood. They imprison the testicles, defeating their ability to maintain a lower-than-normal-body temperature by “hanging loose” in warm situations and “cooking” sperm at too high a temperature by trapping the balls way up against the body. Also also, underwear with more than a teensy bit of polyester or elastic doesn’t breathe well enough to ventilate the scrotum, which adds to the “cooking” phenomenon. other SHOULD NOT’s: Use porn (especially video) and gimmicks (such as a penis pump) to create and sustain an erection. Just don’t do it! Masturbate to dry orgasms (yes, they do it in India but it’s part of a ritual and more to the point, with them it’s a matter of muscle control, not death of prostate fluid); Think you can keep up the same schedule of jayo you did when you were in mid-adolescence; Make masturbation the only barometer of virility. In fact, making all sexual frequency (outlet) the only measure of manliness is self-defeating. Lee


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