Connect with your daddy model : Before the photo shoot begins spend some time getting to know your daddy model before he gets naked. Find out what his passons are, what really makes him tick. Prepare some snacks and drinks for him to have during the shoot.

A completed and signed model release form : If you are going to publish your photos you must have a completed and signed model release form. You can find a sample model release form here

Respect your nude daddy model : If at anytime during the photo shoot you need to touch the model, always ask him first. You need to do this every time, as just because he gave you permission 5 minutes ago doesn’t mean you have permission now.

Dress To Impress : Ask the daddy model to dress in his sexiest clothes. You can do the same yourself. I think that would show respect

The Undressing Daddy Ritual : Request the model to slowly undress. While he is doing this walk around the model shooting from several different angles. These photos are really important as they help tell a story.

Use Oil to Slightly Glisten His Daddy Skin : If you feel a good connection with your daddy model you can offer to oil him up. You need to apply a light coat that can be massaged into his skin to enhances the his shape and form. Most nude daddy models will prefer to do this themselves.

Nude Daddy Photo Shoot Props Tips : One of the best ways to improve your shoot is to use props. These can be as simple as a pair of boxing gloves, some rope or used tyres. Anything that looks masculine. These will help create color, texture, shapes, and visuals interest to the shot. A plain white sheet can be amazing. Something as simple as a hammer.

Use Different Lights for Daddy : Lights give the model something to play with. You could use a reflector to beam light onto your model for a more dynamic shot. Use windows or mirrors for hard light and nice contrast

Location Location Location : What ever location you are using be creative. If the daddy model agrees take some shots outdoors, or in the shower. Your daddy should enjoy posing for some shots in bed.

Involve your Daddy Model : Involve your daddy model from the beginning of your photo shoot. Ask his opinion, listen to what he has to say, and regularly show hm the result.

Best Tip : If your nude daddy model does a great job, make sure to give him a tip. I think most men would prefer cash.

Become a Nude Daddy Model : Any man over 35 years old can become a nude daddy model. You can be any body shape or size. You can begin your new career by simply posting a full body nude picture and your contact details below. Good luck on your sacred journey

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  1. Yep , I’d do a photo shoot naked with a photographer, what’s the harm ! After being a father to 3 children who are all grown now , maybe I could see if my sons one 30 and one 28 would like to join me for the shoot !

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