How to Make Your Bulge Look Bigger with a natural tuck to delight your admirers.

15 thoughts on “Top Tips to Make Your Bulge Look Bigger

  1. Mmm, I too love having a bulge that can be seen. I’m not very big, so it’s usually when I’m hard or semi-hard. but I would be naked all the time if I could, just because I enjoy exposing myself. I’ve gotten some hot play with my bulge.

    1. A bulge in a guy’s pants gets me so fucking hot.
      I just want to open his fly and pull his cock out.
      I jerk him off for a few minutes and put his sexy cock in my mouth.
      I love to make a guy cum on my face and open mouth.

    2. I like guys to see my bulge when I am wearing a bathing suit.
      I love when their eyes look directly at my bulge.

  2. He can barely fit that fat beautiful cock in his pants. So hot that he gets hard just anticipating going out in public for the world to see his fat phallus stuffed into his pants like too much meat in a sausage casing.

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