Back in the 90’s I founded Toronto’s first Brotherhood of Priapic Worship. It was a way to gather like-minded men together, create community and teach the brothers to divest their shame and adopt the pride of being a man, gifted with the sacred rod of Priapus. Our gatherings exemplified the unification of the sacred and the profane in real time. Over time, the brothers moved into self-identified groups, basically Tops and bottoms. Some of the bottoms were so fervent in their devotion to cock, and overcome with such zeal, that I created a system of spiritual vocations for them. I reminded them that each occasion they entered into sexual congress with a man, they were giving themselves to that man to use. It was a gift, inspired by the example of Priapus. They were consecrated to devote themselves, their bodies to the carnal needs of men. It became their sacred duty to offer their assholes and their mouths to any man who requested it. Without refusal. The were the fukbois and sukbois of the Brotherhood. I presented each sukboi and fukboi with a log book of sorts, where he would document each encounter. Over the years I’ve come to understand how very important these bois are in our society, always being at the ready for angry or anxious or frustrated men to work out their problems with a suk or a fuk to help them regain the balance needed in their daily life. They work very hard at fulfilling their vocational duties. In fact it crossed my mind that they should have been declared an essential service, given the pressure that men have been under during the pandemic. We currently have about 15 in our Brotherhood, who provide pleasure and release during our celebrations, and I always take a sukboi with me when attending a party. They are always appreciated. I think it’s important to remind Tops of the great service they provide and that, despite the Dom/sub scene, respect is an essential part of the equation. They do it because they love cock, but that’s to your advantage. Next time you’ve just squirted in a sukboi’s mouth, say thanks!

Leo Toronto

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