I had a partner who very patiently taught me how to let go. At first breath, I would stop him. Finally, I did not stop him and I learned that I was indeed capable. Like the Danish beauty wrote, I was like a pussy. I got wet, (no lube required), and then shoot through both my penis and my hole, although I never touch my dick. I have always been embarrassed by this as I have never met anyone who would understand what I was talking about. I wish all men could learn to relax and let their holes do what they do naturally when they are fucked by a man who knows how to fuck. The few that do really love fucking me and love how my hole squeezes their dicks really hard when I orgasm. I can repeatedly ass orgasm and it is the most wonderful feeling. I hope as the world is changing that young men are growing up not ashamed that they enjoy getting their asses played with, love coming with their holes, and not feel that they are any less a man. This site is great and wonderfully informative. Thanks to all of you who make this site possible!

Benjamin James


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