One of the joys of curating the HaPenis website is that I really enjoy all the comments that folk leave, especially those with pictures. I use WordPress to make the site and normally the programme doesn’t allow images or videos to be added, so i have being using a very old plugin(code) to allow that to happen. Unfortunately the plugin no longer works. The comments that were posted with images will still be there, but the images will not. The good news is that I have now found a new plugin(code) that works much better. You will now find it much easier to upload your images, and short videos. You can now even upload a few pictures together to form a little gallery via [choose files]. The image above was uploaded by spermivore using the new plugin. Could you give it a try and see that it’s working ok from your end.

P.S. Deleting that old code has also made the website quicker to download. HaPenis Days

14 thoughts on “Uploading Images

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