Masculinity Massaged

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MOSS – Ian & James
MascularFilms.Com presents MOSS - featuring Ian & James. [...]
Staunch Masculinity
Vintage army lads being issued with new white underwear
The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
Read the full chapter from Napoleon Hill's book 'Think and [...]
Men talk of heaven
Men talk of heaven, - there is no heaven but here; Men talk [...]
Mr Spunky
Mr Spunky shoot a massive load all over himself and his beard [...]
Masculin / Masculin – La video
Exposition Masculin / Masculin. L'homme nu dans l'art de 1800 [...]
Moise Santamaria
This is Brazilian kickboxer Moise Santamaria. It is alleged [...]
Arrested Movement – The Narrative
Arrested Movement is an artistic inclusive portrait series [...]
Sigur Rós – Dauðalogn
A world of silence Does not move hair on the head Sounds a [...]
the art of autofallatio @63
The art of autofallatio with 63 year old Irishman John. His [...]
A Builder’s Ride
Builder Bob has been dreaming for years about having a ride. [...]
Fuck My Masculinity
Big muscle man shows his already lubed masculinity [gallery [...]
Bare Wanking
Hairy Bare Bear Wanks and shoots a huge load. [gallery [...]
Dutchman’s Semen
Believed by many to be the world's greatest masturbators, [...]
The Pleasure of Huge Male Nipples
Dean Norris Shower
Exclusive: Actor Dean Norris - shower - Breaking Bad S03EP05
“What is masculinity?” – An Introduction to The Way of Men
What is masculinity? This short video introduces author Jack [...]
manhood massaged
I like my manhood massaged with long slow strokes from base [...]
Hung Silver Daddy
Hung Silver Daddy wanking his HaPenis, what a really fat fuck [...]
A Sacred Kiss
Boxer Mike Bernardo kissing Jeromy Banner, showing how to [...]
Showing Off My Masculinity
Showing off my beautiful, muscular body, my fat slong and my [...]

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