I was returning home after a bust up with my girl, she wouldn’t  let me show how much I loved her, I had a strop and decided to fuck off home but I was fucking desperate to get my cock serviced. As I drove into the drive I saw Steve from next door he was happily playing basketball shoots. He was a nice guy, 27yrs old, 6ft, warm smile,broad shoulders, fairly athletic and he would often share a beer while we watched sport on the TV. As the car stopped just short of hitting the garage wall I was suddenly aware of his presence by the car. “You looked pissed” he said “wanna give me one of our beers and you can tell me whats got you so pissed”. I said I justed wanted to get out of  my suit have a shower and call it a night. But he wasn’t taking NO for an answer. so I welcomed him in he got 2 beers and I began to tell him how pisssed off I was because Julie hadn’t wanted to let me fuck her, usually she was so keen. I loosened my tie , took the beer from him and began to swallow the cool liquor it sure felt great. As we talked he said he understood how frustrating it could be. As he talked I could feel my cock straining against the cloth of my trousers. I hadn’t had time to change from my suit. Steve had his eyes fixed on the bulge and said “Looks like you could do with a hand to get rid of that tent in your trousers”. He lent across and slowly slid the zip down he fed his hand into  my trousers and gently massaged my straining cock through my shorts. He then released it from the confines of the trousers. “Fuck that some dick you have, Julie is a lucky bitch” as he said this he took my throbbing cock inot his wet warm mouth. He paid special attention to the thick head, licking and sucking getting it real moist.

Fuck it felt as wet as Julies pussy. I stood ove him and began to thrust real hard. I became aware of  my breathing becoming more intense as he took  my thick chunky cock. He had no trouble taking it deep and it wasn’t long before I unloaded my balls down his throat. He was one hot guy and I was happy for him to wank himself over my chest. “Now thats made you feel better” he said as he closed the door on his way out, “see you and your cock whenever Julie does want a good fucking”. The next day I was attending a business conference it ended around 11pm and so I made my way to one of the local bars. I didn’t bother to change out of my dinner suit, I just wanted to slip down a few beers before turning in for the night. The bar was dimly lit and it took awhile for my eyes to adjust. A few guys were placed around the bar, some together, some alone, some with women a regular straight bar. I drank the first beer no problems ordered another and then made my way to the toilet. I was bursting for a piss. The 3 stalls were occupied so I made for one of the toilet cubicles. As I stood having a piss I noticed quite a bit of graffitti, the usual shit. I then heard someone come into the cubilce to my right. I was still busy pissing when I notice a cock poking through a hole in the wall. Fuck I had nothing to do and anyway I was always up for a new experience. As I sat down I turned to towards that wall and began to suck this thick veined rock hard cock. It wasn’t long before I was playing with my own cock, fuck I was real horney. I could here the guy next door moaning it wouldn’t be long before he would shoot his load. As he was about to cum, from the opposite wall another cock was waiting for some attention, as one spewed his cum another was waiting to be sucked fucking dry. As I got down to some serious sucking as this cock was fucking HUGE!!, long , black and semi hard it was gonna take some sucking.The door to my cubicle was pushed opened and a guy dressed in uniform opened his trousers spilling out there contents. He stood watching me while he stroked his fucking lethal weapon. So much for cunts I was in seventh heaven, my cock was fucking soaked with precum and it wouldn’t be long before black johnny would empty his sac all over my chest. As he did so the the soldier guy saw this as his chance to shoved his cock down my eager throat, as he was about to C U M , he sharply pulled his cock out and shot all over my fucking face. As he finished himself off and I was left alone I realised that my dress suit was covered with the cum of these fucking guys. There was only one thing to do I had to get rid of the evidence. As I lapped up the last few pools of cum, a younger guy came into the toilets. You have had a good night, looks like you have had some of my trade no worries, Oh and by the way there is a shower in the corner where you can clean yourself up. It was around 3am by the time I got back to the fucking hotel. A message was waiting for me from Julie. She was keen to meet me and wanted to make amends.


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