I don’t like the expression “Talk Dirty”, as I never associate anything to do with sex as such. While researching for another expression I came across a definition, to talk about sex in a coarse or salacious way. Further research explained salacious meant arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination. So I have decided I am very fucking salacious. I’m also fascinated by other men’s salaciousness, especially while masturbating. Those of you who are familiar with the video section on my site will have seen several of the videos feature men who “Talk Dirty” to themselves while wanking. Are you a salacious wanker? Please leave a reply and tell us about what you actually say.

OH baby, oh, my god baby, suck that fat cock. Make me nice and hard so that you can ride me. I want to feel that tight pussy, sliding down my dick. My big fat cock, oh yes, baby

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