As the man says your masculinity lies in your balls, and the best way to exercise your masculinity is to dance.. “When I dance my body vibrates. When my body vibrates I come to feel and experience it. When my balls hang and vibrates…I feel all that is a man, and I allow my dance to carry me through whatever expression that is purely masculine and I watch it, I love it and I use it as I go about my day”.

4 thoughts on “Your Masculinity Lies In Your Balls

  1. Love this post. Off to jump and shout and vibrate my balls now. So true that we need to reconnect to our male selves.

  2. Wow, man! R e s p e c t! Just happened to watch this, never heard of you, but this was amazing to watch. What a teacher! Wish I had those learnings long ago. Impressive!

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