After a demonstration on how to give and receive this meditation massage, there will be an opportunity to practice with two different men. You always get to choose who you work with. Here is what you will learn

Turning over to awaken the kundalini

The Big Draw Backwards Technique.

Erotic Touch from a mindfulness perspective

The Loving Kindness erotic meditation undressing ritual

The Two most important shishna blessing techniques

Anal Breathe and the Belly-Button Technique

The art of erotic mindfulness massage

Your Most Slowest, Most Softest, Most Sensual Ever Penis Massage

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Master Mind : Mr Cox is the “Daddy” of male massage in the Uk. He has provided pioneering opportunities for men to mind, touch and massage each other with trust, truth and respect for more than 25 years. He has the best reviews in London

Mr Loving Kindness. George has been teaching buddhist meditation for many years in East London.

Recommended further reading

Mindful Sex by Jeff Wilson

Why Meditation And Orgasm Feel The Same To The Brain

Taoist Sexual Meditation Questions Video – Energy Arts

2 thoughts on “Slowest HaPenis Massage, Ever

  1. Could you tell me a bit more about the class? Is it okay if i come with my partner and work exclusively with each other?

    1. hello Billie, It’s all very chilled and relaxing. What makes our classes unique is that there are no long lectures as we believe that erotic learning is more effective when by passing your conscious mind. We will show a short film at the begining that demonstrates the massage. Then a simple meditation as we slowly undress our partner. Then after a demo there will be an opportunity to practice the massage, twice. It’s absolutely fine to work exclusively with your partner. Dont forget to rsvp yes at

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