Thanks, your article is a revelation to me. I have long known intuitively sexuality is far more complex than just the straight-gay-bi continuum which is why I have always been unable to define myself. I think I know now why I am celibate and virtually always have been as I fit awkwardly and unusually across the categories. I think I am very much predominantly straight sexually but prone to be heteroplatonic and mainly gay romantically. This explains so much of what has happened in my life which I’ve never been able to understand. Although on the face of it it seems to confirm I’m basically screwed I’m hoping the increased awareness may possibly lead me to find a way through it so hopefully I won’t always be alone!


YES, I am totally with you on that. I am also very hopeful that I will find the man to be with. Thank you for being spot on! However I have an enormous curiosity for all men and although love monogamy, wonder whether it would be ok to explore men with the man I might find. Probably with good communication.


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