Sometimes the art of masturbation is like fine wine, You nurture it over time and you will reap the rewards. I wrap my hand around my hard swollen shaft and in slow concentric circles begin to stroke, My other hand gently cups my balls as I slowly massage them. In unison this is the beginning of self pleasure. The never ending rythmic dance. Man’s cock was made to pleasure and worship. I enjoy being exposed and bringing pleasurable joy to those who view my photographs and videos. I spend hours worshiping my cock from flaccid to rock hard, each brings it’s own level of pleasure. Each man is an artist in their own right bringing themselves to new heights of pleasure and erotic delight. Make love to your cock sensually and erotically and it will reward you in many magical ways. The gift of touch is a powerful feeling. Embrace it, enjoy it

3 thoughts on “The Art of Masturbation

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